Monday, December 13, 2010

Holiday Gift Guide for Pets and Pet Lovers

Our pets are members of the family.  We want them to be comfortable and happy, and even stylish.  Pets are not accessories, but our designers have created fun and practical pet accessories for your puppies and kittens, your home - and for you too.  Here is our new Holiday Gift Guide featuring wonderfully creative gifts for the pets and pet lovers on your list priced from $18 - $135!

Dogs and Boys = Wrestling

So your dog loves to wrestle?  Have him test his strength with this Luchador dog toy from BowhausNYC.  This soft, squishy masked fellow is an action-packed challenge between you and your pup.  Play Lucha Libre tug-of-war until the wrestler squeaks for mercy!  Price: $18

Lucador Wrestler Dog Toy, Pet Lovers, Lucha Libre, dog accessories

Sipping in Style

Your dog always needs access to fresh, clean water to stay hydrated.  This lovely black wristlet is actually a portable water bowl.  No need to carry around a container or search for water sources anymore.  Simply drop a bottle of fresh water in your bag, and pop this little pouch on your wrist for the perfect day out with your best friend.  Price: $24

wristlet, dog bowl, water bowl, pet accessories

An Octopus Ate My Dog

These beds from Prima Dogs never cease to make us laugh.  Not only are they conversation pieces, but they are comfortable pet beds for your dog or cat.  They are manufactured using Japanese Nanotechnology to keep them clean and fresh.  And when you tell your friends that your dog fell asleep inside an octopus (or a shark, or another dog for that matter), you won’t be lying!  Price: $49


Who’s ready for Mojitos?

The Guayabera is a popular men’s shirt style throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.  Pet Fashion Designer Ada Nieves has created the perfect version for dogs.  Built for comfort and style, the Guayabera features fine vertical pleats and detailed stitching.  You can order a dog’s size and a matching one in large for his human.  Could it get any more adorable?   Price: $50

Guayabera, men’s shirt, Latin America, Caribbean, Pet Fashion, Ada Nieves

Uptown Style and Downtown Edge

No pet gift list would be complete without a fabulous leash and harness.  Ada Nieves does it again with this matching set.  The flashy animal print has its Uptown style, and the tattoo art appliqué accent gives the ensemble a distinctly Downtown edge.  Your pup will be admired wherever she goes.  Price: $50

Animal Print, dog Harness, dog Leash, tattoo, Uptown, Downtown, edge, tattoo art

Dog Crate No More - It’s Home Décor

Dog crates provide a safe environment for your dog, but they do nothing for your home décor.  Until now.  BowhausNYC has created a cover that turns a crate into a palace.  Featuring classic fabrics like this traditional French toile, damask, or cabana stripes, these dog crate covers also come with soft cushion.  Your dog’s crate will enhance your living room, an eyesore no longer.  You can also purchase a matching dog carrier in the same fabrics with leather trim and web shoulder straps for style and comfort. Price: $70 - $90 for Stand Alone Crate Cover | $135 for Dog Carrier
dog crate, home décor, toile, cabana stripes, damask, dog carrier, pet rescue, Perfect Gift, furry friends

These are just some of the carefully designed products for our best friends.  Have a look at the entire collection to find the perfect gift for pets and the humans who love them.  Register your Wish List too – you just might get the perfect gift this season!  And don’t forget our furry friends in need.  Rescue your next pet – you’ll be glad you did.

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