Friday, November 5, 2010

Indie Winter Wonderland: Great Handmade Accessories

The winter weather is finally here, and it’s time to turn over our closet from our beloved soft tee shirt collection and sandals to our favorite sweaters and warm boots.  Looking for special gift ideas? Here are some items we would love to receive ourselves:

Moody Ruby

We totally have a thing for scarves because they can dress up any outfit, any time of year.  The reversible Moody Ruby Silk and Cotton Scarf designed by Juli Raja is perfect for the winter.  The black side with a dramatic hint of intense red is just the thing when you’re getting ready for a night on the town.  The reverse side is finely patterned with creams, grays and reds, a great look with a suit. This scarf is handmade by artisans in India from silk and cotton threads, making it light, warm and super soft.  No itchy scarves for us!

Cotton and Silk Scarf

Snowflakes for All Occasions

Handmade jewelry runs the spectrum of fun and funky to fine and pretty.  These Recycled Vintage Snowflake Earrings pretty much cover all of those bases, plus they are made from recycled materials.  Designer Saskia de Vries uses recycled vintage copper pieces and hypoallergenic niobium ear wires in this pair of earrings.  And they dangle from dainty chain links, so when you wear them, they move like falling snowflakes.  No matter what the weather forecast says, you will want to wear these earrings day and night.

Snowflake Antique Brass Earrings, Vintage, Saskia de Vries, Copper, Winter,

Melt Your Cold Heart

If someone or something other than winter tried to turn your heart cold, don’t keep it all inside.  Instead, sport this edgy yet dainty Cold Black Hearts Necklace made by Lauren Haupt and show the world you are completely over it.  Oxidized silver hearts stand out against the delicate sterling chain to create a dramatic effect.  Wear this necklace with a v-neck top or over a sexy sweater dress. And who knows what the season will bring to the door of your cabin in the wood, or your apartment in the city for that matter.

Oxidized silver hearts, Lauren haupt, sterling chain, sterling silver necklace, sweater dress, cabin in the wood, show the world

Crystal Calm Persuasion

If you love the winter as much as some of us do, you’ll be happy to go outside with the ice and snow.  Although if you’d rather be sunning yourself on a Caribbean Island than skiing down a mountain at Breckenridge, we do understand that too.  Either way, the energizing beauty of the Crystal Calm Bracelet by Cynthia Rybakoff will give you just the lift you need this season.  This bracelet is made of chunky natural crystals strung on knotted grey silk with a sterling silver toggle clasp.  Every crystal is slightly different from the next, and so each bracelet is distinctly unique.  Just like snowflakes.

Changes in seasons and wardrobes can be a challenge each year, but with the right accessories you can add a bit of that holiday spirit to every outfit, even on the coldest winter day.

Crystal bracelet, chunky bracelet, Cynthia rybakoff, winter, ice jewelry, holiday accessories

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