Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Gift List: Unique Products for Kids!

The holidays were meant for kids!  Here on, we have wonderful, unique products especially designed for them, from toys and books to clothes and whimsical artwork to decorate their rooms.  Instead of plastic toys and mass-produced items that have been shipped across the planet, give your children gifts that are a lot of fun and made with care and quality by indie artisans who believe that good design isn’t just for adults.

Here are some great gift ideas for children, ranging from $15 - $31, ages 0 and up:

Cute Critters Art for Kids’ Quarters

Artist Kenneth Kudulis of Kudu-la creates unique prints of whimsical characters that are perfect for decorating the walls of your child’s room. Kudulis draws funny imaginary beasts, some cute, some scary, and each print is applied to a block of wood, giving it a nice, unique texture.  All of Kudu-la’s creatures are “based on people and pets I see on the streets and subways of NYC.”  In his “Mason Jar Collection,” all of the beasties are captured in the jars because “they’ve been running amuck around NYC long enough.”  Your child’s imagination will run wild too as he tries to figure out the stories behind each colorful character.  Price: $15, Ages: 0 – 110.
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Kids Learn about Native People Across the World

Tribal Alphabet is one of those books that your kids will remember for their entire lives.  They will learn about 26 different native people around the world, including Native Americans.  This award-winning book is aimed at children 3 – 8 years old, and a percentage of the profits go to Cultural Survival, working to defend the rights of indigenous people worldwide.  Author Claudia Pearson will even send your child a personalized autographed copy. Price: $18, Ages: 3-8 years.
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Hippie Chic Tie-Dyes for Retro Kids

What’s more fun that picking out baby outfits? Put your groovy baby in a hippie chic tie-dyed onesie by Indie Designer Jessica Hollander.  She hand ties each tiny garment, and then dips it in a variety of colored dyes to come up with unique patterns and hues on every single piece.  The variations are beautiful and striking. Your baby will be happy in his ribbed pima cotton onesie and make people smile with his retro fashion sense.  Price: $28, Age: 1–18 months
hippie kid, tie-dyed, hippie chic, groovy baby, Retro Kids, Cotton onesie, baby outfits

All Snuggles, No Sneezes with Herbal Pals

Your kids will snuggle happily with Herb the Penguin in the evening.  He certainly is cute and soft.  He also helps relieve allergies.  The creation of Allergeze, a team comprised of a researcher in Chinese herbal medicine and a doctor of public health, Herbal Pals are designed to ease the symptoms of children’s allergies with a pouch of natural herbs that slips inside an opening on your Pal’s back.  As your child cuddles with Herb the Penguin, the pouch releases fragrant oils with curative properties to help her breathe comfortably and sleep through the night.  Price: $30.

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Design Your Own T-Shirt - Crafts For Kids

Kids love to draw and see their artwork hanging ceremoniously on the refrigerator.  With the T-Me Design Your Own T-Shirt Kit from Poloppo, your children can actually wear their artwork on a t-shirt!  Spend some time drawing pictures together during the holidays and have your children pick their favorite creations.  Use the envelope provided to mail in the drawings.  Within a few days, Poloppo will return your child’s very own one-of-a-kind t-shirt.  These kits are also great ways for kids to hand make gifts for their siblings.  Price: $31.95, Sizes 4 - 12.

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We have many other products created by our talented indie designers.  So have a look around the site.  You may just get ALL your holiday shopping done in one single place.


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