Monday, November 1, 2010

Pretty Puppies and Doggy Decor

Our pets are a part of our family.  There are no two ways around it.  The days of the family dog living out in the backyard all year round are long gone.  At, we love our four-footed, two winged, and even scaled friends with long tails.  Here are some products from our indie designers that are practical and, well, not so practical but quite fabulous.

The Elegant Dog Crate Cover

We understand the value of a dog training crate for our puppies to give them a sense of security at night.  But we don’t have to like the looks of it. So we went searching for a cover up to spring our dogs from their small jail cage.  Luckily BowhausNYC designs beautiful crate covers that turn those ugly metal bars into a boudoir.  Whether you have a beach house or a mod urban pad, this bold cabana stripe crate cover is also a great decorating idea. Get a cushiony matching bed, and this luxury dog "haus" is sure to become your little BFF’s favorite napping spot.  And all this elegance is easy-to-care-for; simply pop the 100% cotton cover and bed case into the washing machine.  (See? Practical.)
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The Stylish Dog Carrier for Your Pup

BowhausNYC also makes a rich, stylish toile fabric dog carrier  for the pup on the go.  These sturdy tote bags feature 100% cotton canvas surrounded by a natural leather trim that’s only going to look better with time and use.  The bag is fully lined, has reinforced bottom and holds dogs up to 15 lbs. The comfy 14” shoulder straps help make long journeys easier. A safety hook makes your pouch secure. So attach your keys to the handy BowhausNYC logo ring and hit the avenues.
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The Cute Dog Outfit & Harness

Designer Ada Nieves holds a certificate in dog fashion design from the Fashion Institute of Technology (eat your heart out, Tim Gunn).  Dress up your dog in this tiny red polka dot outfit, perfect for a day on the town.  Pluck your pup out of the damask carrier,  and she’s ready for tea at the Ritz.  However, it is also a comfortable dog harness so that your dog can breathe easily and stay close by as you shop together at Saks.  It comes with a matching leash, naturally.
Ada Nieves, dress up, polka dot, tea, The Ritz, harness, Saks

The Dog Shaped Dome Bed

On a slightly different note is the unique and funny Doggy Dome Bed.  It is actually a high-tech dog bed that uses Japanese nano technology to create a clean, fresh sleeping environment for your dog.  This bed won’t match your sofa (hopefully), but it will be a conversation starter in your home.  It comes in several equally fun shapes, but we like the idea of a dog sleeping inside of a dog, like furry Russian nesting dolls. 
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Bling Dog Collar

For the finishing touch on your pampered pooch, we suggest the Bling Collar from BowhausNYC, made from fine Italian leather and covered with crystal rhinestones, each one carefully placed by hand.
BowhausNYC, rhinestone, crystal, dog collar, leather

 Over the top, you say? Absolutely, my dear. Nothing but the best for our family..

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