Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feeling Blue In A Good Way

Blue is an eternally favorite color, which is not lost on our designers.  Green may be the new black but blue is a color that always feels good.  It’s the color of relaxation, water, the sky, and many of our fabulous designs.

Beautiful Hand-Blown Glass Bowl

The blue Strata Bowl is a blown glass vessel made by William Couig of Furthur Design.  It is a wide-open bowl with clear and opaque lines of different shades blue that feel like varying depths of the ocean, or the layered tones of a blue jazz number.  It is a small bowl, 7” in diameter by 3.5” tall, and a beautiful piece of art glass for your home or would make a great wedding gift.  And the price is incredibly reasonable for hand-blown glass.

Envision Your Room with Light Blue Anemone Wallpaper

We just can’t get enough of this anemone wallpaper in the blue tones by Jill Malek.  The graphic is beautiful and versatile, great for a single accent wall or an entire bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or pretty much any room in your home.   The Snowflower color scheme has a base of pale blue with dark blue and grey anemone designs layered on top, reminiscent of a winter’s day.  The Alique color scheme is lighter shades of blue, grey and white on a light blue background, for an overall lighter feel.

A Wishful Necklace in Shades of Blue

There are many shades of blue, and these gold necklaces by Wink & Flip come in three of them:  Cerulean, Turquoise, and Robin’s Egg Blue.  Each necklace features an asymmetrical quartz stone hanging from a gold-tone metallic pendant and a tiny blue crystal accent.  They are one of Wink & Flip’s most popular designs, and we can see why.  You can wear one or all three shades together like an azure sky to dress up a tee shirt or an outfit for a night on the town.

Inspirational Blue with Bird’s Nest Art

A House of Blues for birds?  This blue print of a nest with four tiny eggs is a lovely piece of art.  The image was captured in Peconic Bay on Long Island by Matt Shapoff, using a 19th century printing technique known as Cyanotype.  This item is 4.5” x 4.5” inches and would be a lovely splash of color in your kitchen, or even a nursery.

Check out the many shades of blue on in clothing design, home décor, jewelry, pet products, and so much more.  You’ll be thrilled to get the blues! 

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