Wednesday, October 13, 2010

We Love Our Skulls!

Here at, we’re thinking about skulls.  It’s partly because of fall and Halloween, but we also have to thank those ubiquitous Ed Hardy shirts, and the bikers of long ago who never dreamed they were trendsetters for the new love of skulls in indie design.

New York design duo of Ronen Aminov and Cynthia Catera of Fancy Sexy Me brings us the hell-raising Skull Crusher Knuckle Duster ring.  Between just us girls, it’s super cute, with little, detailed silver and gold skulls, kind of like big diamonds, but not.  Don’t tell the guys – they can hop on a Suzuki – ahem – a Harley, and be the envy of all their friends at the biker bar. (That’s how it works, right?)

Skull Knuckle Ring

The Skull Burnout Tee Shirt from AdAm and Hiromi is another one of those tee shirt designs that works for women and men.  It reminds us of the traditional Day of the Dead skull drawings with all the flowers in the background.  We adore that the teeth feature the word ‘love’ on them.  And these skulls are not front and center – they’re on the shoulder, down the side, and on the hip.  The shirt itself is super soft and extra comfortable.  It’s the awesome and unexpected details like these that make us love indie so much. Burn Out Skull Tee Shirt
And we can’t forget the puppies! has some of the coolest pet accessories for your best friend.  The Skull Collar from BowhausNYC has great accents, including an Austrian crystal encrusted skull with glowing sapphire blue crystal eyes, affixed to a fine Italian leather collar.  Glamour up your pup! skull Dog Collar

OK, so maybe your dog is a bit more precious.  Check out this fun skull tattoo dog harness and matching leash.  It’s not something you’ll find in just any pet store!  The white skulls and black background are dotted with blood red crystals to add some bling and vogue to this ensemble.  A tiny Chihuahua will walk with a bit more swagger in his step!

Skull Tattoo Drawing Dog Harness

Check out all the great indie design on  Indulge your skull!

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