Friday, October 8, 2010

Soft, Safe, and Stylish: Indie Design for Kids

When we think about independent design, we think of fashion, jewelry, home décor, and art.  But we don’t always think about indie design when it comes to our children.  At, we believe that good design is important and valuable for everyone, especially kids!

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Kids Create Their Own T-Shirt


Create your own T-shirt with T-Me Kids and T-Me Baby Kits by Poloppo. Using the markers and paper included in the kit, you and your child can create an original design and have it printed on a colorful T-shirt or onesie.  Expecting a new baby?  Older brother or sister can draw a picture and see the new baby wearing it on her first day at home.  Simply create the image, use the pre-paid mailer that comes in the kit, and within days Poloppo will send you back a one-of-a-kind cotton T-shirt or onesie.  T-Me kits are also great for baby showers.  Each kit includes a prepaid envelope for sending in the design and also the cost of shipping back the final item.

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Looking for nursery decorating ideas?  What could be sweeter than nursery décor featuring the Baby Elephant Wallpaper by Jill Malek?  This wallpaper is hand printed with an original design of small elephants touching trunks and tails.  It comes in several colors, including the soft pink Petals and the pale blue Rain; you can purchase 8.5” x 11” samples of each design for $2.  The pattern is printed in straight lines, which makes it simple to match along the nursery walls. Your baby will love sleeping in a room full of elephants, and she’ll love waking up to them even more.

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The Buy Local Coloring Book by Claudia Pearson will help you teach your children about seasonal foods and the importance of the local food movement.  The book has one page for every month, with whimsical illustrations of the fruits and vegetables that are in season each month. August features black currants, a peach, a pair of plums, blackberries, and spinach.  Imagine all the bright colors your child can use to bring that page to life!  You can even dream up recipes to cook with your kids.  Just be prepared to answer why we can’t get watermelon all year long.

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Toys For Kids With Allergies

New seasons may bring delicious foods, but they also bring allergens.  The Herbal Pals Menagerie Collection is made especially for children with a seasonal allergy.  These funny, soft, machine washable toys from Allergeze are not only perfect for taking a nap or dragging around by an ear, but they also help ease the symptoms of seasonal allergies.  Developed by a Chinese herbalist using traditional remedies that are over 2,000 years old, each Herbal Pal comes with an intense but effective pouch containing a variety of natural herbs with curative properties.  You simply slip the pouch into the little opening on the back of each Pal, and the herbs start working.  Pouches are also sold separately; adults can use them too.  Allergeze hears from happy parents whose children are not coughing but sleeping easier and sleeping comfortably through the night.  And who doesn’t love a cute monster?

These are just some of the projects you can find on  Kids will grow out of clothes and nurseries, but they will continue to learn about the world around them.  Indie designs such as these will help you create a stimulating, comfortable, and fun environment for them to explore.

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