Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Indie Design Promotes Relaxation with Products from Artisan Emporia, AdAm & Hiromi


If you're in the New York City area, come see our booth at the Madison Square Market in the shadow of the Flatiron building! Some of our top designers will be in the booth every day during the entire event, from September 25 – October 23rd!

Indie Design Promotes Comfort, Rest and Relaxation in Your Busy Day

It seems that the world kicked into overdrive the day after Labor Day. The realization that summer was over hit us like a ton of bricks. Remember the feeling of the first day of school? The nervousness, maybe a little dread, mixed with excitement, activities, and lots of homework? Often our work days feel the exact same way.

So we need to figure out how to relax and how to retain at least the feeling of those languid summer afternoons. At, many of our independent designers work hard to create products to help you do just that. We have items that will remind you to breathe, reflect, and enjoy a restful night’s sleep.

Artisan Emporia creates fair trade, organic bags designed to carry your yoga mat. Each bag is made with cotton organically dyed by Guatemalan artisans using ancient Mayan techniques to create dyes from leaves, barks and roots from nearby Lake Atitlan. Even the metal buckles and strap holders are made from a biodegradable alloy.

After your yoga class, pull on a wonderfully soft cotton burnout tee from AdAm & Hiromi. Adorned with a light blue lotus flower, this tee has that lived-in feel that makes it the first thing you grab in your closet when you just want to relax. AdAm & Hiromi also make tees for men, including one with a lovely, traditional Japanese image of a koi swimming up the back.

Designer Jessica DeCarlo creates earthy jewelry with small, sterling silver branches. Her designs inspired by nature translate into delicate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, some embellished with semi-precious stones, such as vessonite and rose quartz.

Light up this sandalwood and amber scented candle by Curlew and be transported to the mysterious, romantic streets of Marrakech with its exotic scents and hidden treasures.
When your day is finally done, lie back and sink into a set of soft, cotton sheets from A Little of India. These cotton sheet sets come in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns, each hand printed using traditional wooden blocks.

Breathe deep, close your eyes, and wake up inspired for the day ahead. Repeat as needed.

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